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Qase is an all-in-one QA platform built to beautifully orchestrate QA for both manual & automated testing. With Qase, QA teams can orchestrate test case management, defect management, test plans, test runs with informative reports and also utilize a rich API and webhooks. Qase has integrations with the most popular issue trackers including Jira, Asana, Slack, and dozens more.

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Integrate with issues trackers, use milestones & requirements
Using dashboards and queries

Manage your Qase workspace

Manage users, groups, roles and more
Choosing the right Qase plan
IP address configuration
Configure AzureAD, OneLogin or Google

Connect with Qase

Qase API documentation
Guide to using our webhooks
Configure GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins and Bitbucket

More learning resources

More in-depth guidance
Our webinars cover common to complex questions and usage examples
Common questions answered