What is Monday?

Monday is a work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects, and everyday work their way.

Why use Monday integration?

With the Monday app, you can:

  • Link Qase test cases to Monday App issues

  • Create a new issue in Monday App when you file a defect during a test run in Qase

  • Link Qase test runs to Monday App issues

How to install Monday?

  1. Click "Apps" in your Qase workspace:

  2. Click Monday app card, then hit "Install now"

  3. Click on “Add to Monday”

  4. Once you selected the workspace, click on “Install”

  5. Navigate back to the Qase apps page

  6. Click on “Install”

  7. Review the permissions and click on “Authorize”

  8. Click on “Authorize” in the following page as well

  9. Now the app is installed


Linking from Qase to Monday app:

1. To link a Monday app to a Qase test case from Qase:

  • Select a case in the repository and switch to properties in the sidebar

  • Click "Link Monday issues"

  • Select the board and insert Monday app issue title into the field and hit "Link" (the title is case sensitive)

  • Now the issue is linked:

2. To unlink the Monday app issue, click "x" next to the card title:

3. Link Qase test runs to Monday app issues: here's how you can link Monday issues to your test run

  • Navigate to the test runs page

  • Click on the run

  • In the run's main page, locate the side-bar to the right

  • Scroll down and under "External Issue" click on "Select an Integration"

  • Select "Monday"

  • Search for the issue's id and click on "Link"

Create Monday aapp issue while creating a defect in Qase

  • In the test run, mark your case as failed, blocked, or invalid and proceed with creating a defect.

  • in the defect creation form, under “Choose Integrations” select "Monday" and click "Add defect"

  • Fill in the required fields then hit "Create"

  • In the Qase defect you will now have a connected Monday app issue link:

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