Test case actions

What can I do with a test case?

Once you have filled in all the information about your test case, you can either:

  • Send to review: in this case, a new test case review request will be created, and a person responsible for reviews will then give their decision on a submitted test case.

  • Save your test case

  • Save and create another

  • Cancel: exit test case creation; your changes will not be saved.

What else?

After saving the test case, it will appear in your repository structure along with other test suites and cases, and will be assigned a code like "MR-5" (where "MR" is the project code and "5" is the case number).

If you click on a test case in the repository view, a summary bar will appear on the right side of the screen, showing the test case properties and options to edit, clone, or delete it.

If you delete a test case, it will be moved to the trash bin accessible from the three-dots menu. You can restore a previously deleted test case from the trash bin.

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