Jira Cloud

What is Jira?

Jira is a proprietary issue-tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.

Why use Jira Cloud integration?

With the Jira Cloud app, you can:

  • Link Qase test cases to Jira issues

  • Create a new issue in Jira when you file a defect during a test run in Qase

  • Link Qase test runs to Jira issues

Note: the Qase defect and the connected Jira issue will be synchronized. If you complete a Jira issue, the Qase defect will be marked resolved, and vice versa.

How to install Jira?

  1. Click "Apps" in your Qase workspace:

  2. Click Jira Cloud card, then hit "Install now":

  3. You will be taken to Atlassian Marketplace, click "Get it now" and make sure you are logged into Jira before you proceed:

  4. Once logged in, click on “Get it now”:

  5. Once the app installs, on the apps page, you will see Qase. Click "Configure" in it:

  6. On the configuration page, click "Link with Qase":

  7. After the redirect, click "Authorize" to finalize the installation:

  8. The app has been successfully installed:

Linking from Qase to Jira:

1. To link a Jira issue to a Qase test case from Qase:

  • Select a case in the repository and switch to Properties in the sidebar

  • Click "Link Jira Cloud issues"

  • Insert Jira issue title or ID into the field and hit "Link"

  • Now the Jira issue is linked:

  • To unlink the Jira issue, click "x" next to the card title:

2. Link Qase test runs to Jira issues: Here’s how you can link a Jira issue to a test run:

  • Navigate to the test runs page

  • Click on the run

  • In the run's main page, locate the side-bar to the right

  • Scroll down and under "External Issue" click on "Select an Integration"

  • Select "Jira Cloud"

  • Search for the issue's id and click on "Link"

Linking from Jira to Qase:

1. To link a Qase test case to Jira issue from Jira:

  • Click "Open Test cases" in Jira sidebar

  • Click "Link a case"

  • Insert test case title or its Case ID into the field and click "Link"

  • To unlink a case, click the "Trash Bin" icon in the sidebar next to the test case you want to unlink (an icon will appear when you hover over the linked case):

2. To link a Qase test run to a Jira issue:

  • Switch on "Qase: runs" module through the options:

  • In the module that appeared, click "Link a run":

  • Use the search box to find the needed run by title, and click Link to attach it to the issue:

  • Linked run and the statuses of cases in it are now shown in the issue:

  • Note: a Jira issue can have multiple runs attached to it:

  • Note: any runs you have linked to Jira issues while setting up a run in Qase will also be shown in the "Qase: runs" module.

Create Jira issue while creating a defect in Qase

  • In the test run, mark your case as Failed, Blocked, or Invalid and proceed with creating a Defect.

  • in the Defect creation form, under “Choose Integrations” select "Jira Cloud" and click "Add defect"

  • Choose the Jira Project to create an issue in, type of an issue, fill out other fields, then hit "Create"

  • In the Qase Defect you will now have a connected Jira issue link:

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