What is Asana?

Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

Why use Asana integration?

With Asana app, you can:

  • Link Qase test cases to Asana tasks

  • Link Qase test runs to Asana tasks

  • Create a new task in Asana when you file a defect during a test run in Qase

  • Sync statuses of a Qase defect and connect Asana task (i.e., as soon as you mark the defect as “Resolved” in a connected defect, the Asana defect will be marked “Completed” - and vice versa).

How to install Asana?

  1. Click "Apps" in your Qase workspace

  2. Click Asana card, then hit "Install now":

3. Log into Asana, if you are currently not:

4. Click "Allow" to grant access to Asana for the Qase app:

5. After the redirect, hit "Authorize" to finalize the installation:

6. The app is now successfully installed:


  1. To link an Asana task to a Qase test case:

  • Select a case in the repository, switch to Properties in the sidebar and scroll down to find Asana:

  • Click "Link Asana issues":

  • Insert Asana task URL into the field and hit "Add":

  • Now the Asana task is linked:

  • To unlink the Asana task, click "x" next to task's title:

2. To link an Asana task to a Qase test run:

  • Navigate to the Test run you want to link to Asana

  • Click on "Select an Integration"

  • In the Integration pop-up, select Asana:

  • Insert Asana task link into the field and click "+Add":

  • Now the Asana task is linked:

  • To unlink the Asana task, click on the trash bin for the particular run and it will be unlinked:

3. To create an Asana task together with a defect in Qase:

  • In the test run, mark your case as failed, blocked, or invalid and proceed with creating a defect:

  • In the defect creation form, click “Choose Integration,” select "Asana" and click "Add defect":

  • Choose the Asana workspace, team (if any) and project, then hit "Create":

  • In the Qase Defect you will now have a connected Asana issue link:

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