What is a milestone in software development?

With milestones in Qase, you can create a marked point in your release or development cycle. Later, you can use this point to assign your test cases, defects, and test runs. This means that you can identify which release or version a test case, defect, or test run "belongs" to. You can also see which sprint a test run was executed during or which sprint a defect was discovered in.

How to create a milestone?

To create a new milestone, navigate to "Milestones" section, and hit "Create milestone".

From here, give your milestones necessary attributes: a name, brief description, status (active or completed), and due date:

Applying milestone

Now that a milestone is created, you can select it to be applied when creating a new test case, defect or test run, or edit the existing test cases, defects, and test runs to be connected to this milestone:

  • Test Case:

  • Test Run:

  • Defect:

Once your milestone has been assigned to a test case or several test cases, you will see how many test cases it has been assigned to in the "Milestones" section:

You can also sort your Milestones by clicking an arrow next to a column's name:

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