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How to access SSO/SAML configurations?

Single-Sign On is available in a Business subscription with a Qase Access add-on and Enterprise subscription.
To access SSO/SAML configuration, go to "Security" in workspace management, and switch on "Enable SSO/SAML" toggle:
Make sure to provide all the correct details for SSO/SAML to work properly:
  • SAML Sign-in URL
  • Identity Provider Issuer
  • Key x509 Certificate
  • Domains (list of email domains that your users will be using to access Qase)

What are additional security options?

Additional options available in "Security" are:
  • Default role: assign which user role should be granted to any new members joining the account.
  • Automatically add new users as read-only members: you can impose a safeguard making sure that anyone just joining an account will not be able to create something new or accidentally update or delete existing work.
  • Disable common login: with this option turned on, only users with an email address in your domain will be able to sign in.