Muted Tests

Learn how to use Muted Tests in Qase, which can be especially useful for handling flaky tests or those test cases that are currently less critical.

Test cases in Qase can be marked muted. This functionality is especially useful for handling flaky tests or those test cases that are currently less critical. When a test is marked as "muted", its results will not affect the overall status of test runs. This means your test runs can still pass even if a muted test fails, preventing unnecessary delays in your release process.

How to mark a test case "muted":

Ability to mute or unmute test cases is regulated by a user permission "Mute/Unmute" in the "Test cases" category of a user role.

Among the system roles, it is enabled for Owner and Administrator roles.

For custom user roles, it can be granted through editing a custom role.

  1. In the repository, open a test case in the preview sidebar, switch to the "Properties" tab and check the box for "Muted case":

  1. Open a test case in edition mode, and check the box for "Muted case":

  1. Select multiple cases in the repository and bulk edit them, checking the "Muted" box:

  1. In a test run, select a test case and click the "Mute" button above the result statuses:

Muted test cases will appear as such:

  • in the repository:

  • in the test runs where they have been added:

If a test case has been "muted" from a test run, it will also appear "muted" in the repository.

Any previously muted test case can be "unmuted" at any time by unchecking the "Muted case" box when editing a test case - or by clicking an "Unmute" button when viewing the test case in a test run:

How do muted tests affect the test run test run status?

  • if a test run includes a muted test case, then a Failed, Invalid, Blocked result (or a custom result of a "Failure" type) submitted for such a case will not affect the completion status of the test run, i.e. having failed a muted test case will not result in the test run getting marked failed:

  • if a test run already has a completion status (Passed/Failed), even after extra test cases were added into it or cases were muted - after the run was completed - the completion status of the run will not be recalculated;

  • when parametrized test cases are included in a run, marking one of the parametrized siblings "muted" will also mute all the other parametrized versions of such a test case.

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