API tokens

What is a token for?

API requests to Qase are authenticated with the auth token. In order to perform actions in your workspace using API, you will need to obtain a token first.

How to create an API token?

Here's how to create an API token: 1. Click your user pic and hit "API Tokens".

2. Click "Create a new API token" to proceed. You can set up an unlimited number of tokens for your needs.

3. Give your token a title and hit "Create".

Note: after you click the "Create" button, a token will be displayed. Copy the token as it will only be shown once. Otherwise, you will need to create a new token.

Note: an API token inherits the permissions that a user issuing it has in the workspace. For example, if your user role does not allow you to create test runs, you will not be able to create test runs while using Qase UI or by sending an API request.

To discontinue the token, you can "Revoke" it through the three-dot-menu:

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