Defects options

Search and filter defects

In the defects section, you can search and filter all the defects filed in your project:

Defect's details

Clicking on the title of your new defect will provide you with more details about this defect, such as which test run it was performed in, which test case it pertains to, who reported this defect - and other important data:

Defect's actions

After a defect has been created, you can:

  • Mark it "In Progress" once you've started working on it:

  • After the defect has been marked as "In Progress", you can then mark it as "Resolved" once the issue has been fixed (at this stage, you can still invalidate it):

  • Invalidate it by updating its status to "Invalid", if, for example, an issue that's been filed is not really an issue:

  • Resolving a defect will mark it as resolved, which will be made visible with a green icon to the left of a defect's title. You can also apply filters in the defects list view to look up specific defects by parameters:

Three-dots-menu actions

You can introduce changes to a defect as well by hitting the edit button.

Editing a defect will take you to another screen, where you can change the defect's title, enter the actual result, add an attachment, etc., and update a defect once ready:

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