Project view

How to change a project layout?

To navigate to the list of your Projects, click "Projects" in the top-left corner of the workspace.

In the Projects view, you can select one of two layouts using the controller in the top-right corner.

  • List view:

  • Card view:

How to mark a project as a favorite?

To mark a project as a favorite, click the star icon on the left side of the project title in the list view and on the right side in the card view. This will change the order of appearance so that favorite projects are listed first.

List view:

Card view:

In either of the views, you can find a summary of each project which includes:

  • Unresolved defects that were filed during test runs in a project

  • Number of test runs performed for the test cases belonging to a project

  • Milestones related to a project

  • Number of team members who have access to a project

In the list view, you can access the following features through the "Menu" icon:

  • Edit Project settings (which can also be filled in when you create a new project)

  • Set up integrations with 3rd party tools for a project

  • Delete a project

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